Community League Management Made Easy

Community League Product


To provide a mostly turnkey solution for community leagues and associations to implement a cost-effective and easy to manage solution for communications, membership management, hall rentals, and more. Costs for product are reasonable upfront with clear, low, annual carrying fees.


Features are focused on public facing communication, mainly a website and email list setup, with tools on the backend for director communication, reporting, and management.

  • CMS-based website
  • Events Management
  • TIcket Sales
  • Membership Sales and Management
  • Public and Private discussion forums
  • Blog posts
  • Member Directories
  • Advocacy and Idea Tracking
  • Polls and contests
  • Deposit Collection
  • Training and Documentation
  • Volunteer Management
  • Public and Private blogs
  • Internal documentation to ensure smooth transitions at election time.
  • File Libraries
  • Audio & Video Libraries
  • Email List creation and management
  • Hall Rentals
  • Analytics
  • Sponsorships
  • Election Voting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Casino/Fundraising Signups


One time fee - Setup/build + Maintenance $2500 build, $1250 events and eComm, $360 per year.

Per member fee - Hard to track and bill. Penalizes growth.

Subscription - For smaller budget groups - Smaller upfront fee, three year monthly or quarterly subscription. $1200 build, $500 events + Tooq keeps 50% until cap minus fees, 1500 per year for years 2-4 (minus event fees).

Roadmapped Features

  • Tie sales data into QB, Wave. May get CSV export ASAP
  • job boards for local jobs